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The Anthropometric Measurements and Percentile Curves of Children Aged 0-5 Years in Eastern Turkey



Aim: To determine child's growth reference value in our province and to compare these values with current values of the United States of America and other local values of our country.

Methods: Totally 615 boys and 586 girls with having different socio-economic levels and with the age of 0-5 years were included the study. In all children, weight, height, head circumference, abdominal circumference, hip circumference, mid-arm circumference and lower segment length were taken. All measurements were performed by the same pediatrician. LMS method was used for the preparation of percentile curves.

Results: The body weight, head circumference and chest circumference measurements of boys were significantly higher than those in girls. Anthropometric measurements of children in high-income groups, was higher than that in low-income group. All of the anthropometric parameters except upper mid-arm circumference were found to be higher in children who fed with breast milk and formula milk than children who only fed with breast milk. The relation with mother’s education level and anthropometric parameters was insignificant.

Conclusion: Our results showed that the anthropometric measurements of our children were similar with those of west Turkey as well as those of the United States. On the other hand, our children's anthropometric measurements were found to be higher than other local values. Relatively high values of height have been interpreted as a genetic feature.

07 Dec, 2015
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e-Published: 29 Mar, 2016


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