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Reversible Pes Cavus due to Achilles Tendinitis: A Rare, Occupational Condition in a Cooker

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A 23-year-old man was seen due to right ankle and foot pain (worse with weight-bearing activities) for the last three months. He declared that he had been working as a cooker and had to stand for long time periods during the work. Visual analog scale (VAS) pain score was 6. Physical examination revealed pain with the palpation of Achilles tendon and dorsiflexion of the right ankle, and pes cavus (PC) deformity. Laboratory tests including acute phase reactants were all within normal limits. Lateral foot radiograph yielded PC deformity and 
magnetic resonance imaging was consistent with Achilles tendinitis (Fig. 1).

16 Nov, 2015
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e-Published: 01 Apr, 2016


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