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Testosterone Level in Testicular Cancer Patients after Chemotherapy



Background: The use of chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer began at the start of the 20th century in an attempt to narrow the universe of chemicals that affect the disease. Metastatic testicular cancer has always been sensitive to chemotherapy.  

Subjects and Method: A retrospective and prospective study was performed of patients who had undergone testicular cancer from 2011–2013. The overall age of the testicular cancer patients at the time of diagnosis, their marital status, stage of disease and treatment strategies, testosterone level etc were analysed using linear regression and t-test. 

Results: Most of the patients had seminoma tumour. A greater number of patients were diagnosed in the later stages of the disease. Before chemotherapy, testosterone level was normal and decreased during chemotherapy but after completion, it returned to normal level.  

Conclusion: There is an early onset of testicular cancer in the Pakistani population. There is no effect of chemotherapy on testosterone production in late survivors. 

08 Feb, 2016
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e-Published: 18 Apr, 2016
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