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Construction of a Low-cost Homemade Laparoscopic Simulator for Use in a Caribbean Setting



Background: To the modern surgeon in training, the acquisition of laparoscopic skills is essential. Laparoscopic simulators are effective, but in the often-resource-poor setting of the Caribbean, the cost of these simulators is often prohibitive. We describe the construction of a simulator which is cheap, easy to assemble and effective. It is also relatively easy to mass produce for use in training programmes across the region.

Methods: The simulator was constructed using a semi-transparent plastic box. Realistic access ports were fashioned using gel-type shoe inserts, and excellent vision was achieved by mounting a high-definition camera on the inside of the box. As the box readily transmits light, a light source is not a necessity. The total cost of this unit was US$48, and construction time was approximately 30 minutes.

Results: This simulator was successfully tested and subsequently reproduced with satisfactory function.

Conclusion: This simulator was effective and easy to construct. It may have applications in surgical training programmes within the Caribbean region and beyond.

25 May, 2016
02 May, 2016
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e-Published: 13 Jun, 2016
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