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An Overview of Cardiac Pacing in Jamaica. Part II: Indications, Modes and Arrhythmia Prevalence

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Objective:  To present a report of the indications for cardiac pacing, modes of pacing and the prevalence of arrhythmias in Jamaica

Methods:  Variables of interest are extracted from patient records, from which, frequencies, means and standard deviations are computed.This paper examines these and other factors of pacing practice in Jamaica in the context of worldwide pacing practice.  The rate of arrhythmias in patients whose pacemakers had the atrial preference pacing/managed ventricular pacing protocol in place was compared to the rate in patients without these programs available. Fisher’s exact test was used to compare the difference in proportions.

Results:  The ratio of implantable pulse generators to implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) is approximately 12:1; worldwide the ratio is approximately 3:1. Similarly, pacing mode reflected practices in the developing world, with a predominance of VVI(R) pacing. Over half the patients experienced atrial arrhythmias and over a quarter of them Ventricular arrhythmias. The rate prevalence of arrhythmias was similar in patients with and without the atrial preference pacing/ventricular pacing protocol in place.

Conclusion:  This report provides a snapshot of practice in a developing country transitioning to developed world practices in pacemaker implantation. The report and the data gathered lay the foundation for surveys of pacemaker usage and arrhythmia management to be undertaken to track pacing progress in Jamaica and compare its evolution to that of other countries. 

01 Sep, 2016
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e-Published: 05 Sep, 2016


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