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Health Policies for Cleft Lip and/or Palate in Brazil: What's New?



Objective: To verify and discuss health policies developed for the treatment of cleft lip and/or palate (CL/P) in Brazil in the last 16 years.

Methods: This was a descriptive study carried out through documental search on the World Wide Web.

Results: It was created the National Network of Associations of Parents and Individuals with CL/P, there was a change in financial management of the procedures of CL/P. It was also approved the Ordinance SAS/MS n. 718/2010, which excluded procedures, changed values, description and attributes of some procedures contained in Procedures, Medicaments, Orthoses, Prostheses and Special Materials Table of the Sistema Único de Saúde  (SUS) or Unified Health System related to skull maxillofacial area. The CL/P specialty was included in the National Central for Regulation of the High Complexity.  A draft was prepared aiming to establishing a National Integral Care Policy for People with Skull and Maxillo-Facial Anomalies, approved Guidelines for Integral Care for People with Skull and Maxillo-Facial Anomalies and too for Integral Attention to People with CL/P by obtainment of structural and functional conditions and human resources to qualify of these services under the SUS.

Conclusion: There is a concern with the creation of healthcare policies for CL/P in Brazil, but still means in practice that allow the integral attention with regionalized and hierarchic organization across the country, they have not been established.

11 Jan, 2017
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e-Published: 26 Jan, 2017


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