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Right Internal Jugular Ultrasound Measurements during the Respiratory Cycle in Children



Background: Point of care ultrasound could be useful as a non-invasive objective measure of throughout the respiratory cycle. 

Objective: To determine the reliability of measurements of the right internal jugular vein (RIJV).

Methods: We performed a prospective observation study of children aged 6–17 years.  Using M-mode ultrasonography one centimeter cephalad from the clavicle, triplicate measurements were recorded during inhalation and exhalation with the head straight ahead and 45 degrees leftward. 

Results: Among the 40 enrolled subjects, mean diameters ± standard deviations of the RIJV (cm) were: maximum inhalation with head straight ahead (0.53 ± 0.18), leftward (0.78 ± 0.22); maximum exhalation with head straight ahead (0.54 ± 0.19), leftward (0.79 ± 0.22).  Intraclass correlation coefficients were all significant (p<0.001).  

Conclusion: The RIJV diameter can be reliably measured during the respiratory cycle; measures are larger with head turned 45 degrees leftward.

03 Jan, 2017
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e-Published: 27 Jan, 2017


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