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Dementia and Alzheimer Disease: The Importance of Considering the Human, Social and Political Contexts in Research and Practice

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Objective: To suggest some avenues of research and priorities in the Caribbean in the domain of dementia and Alzheimer disease from a social science perspective.

Methods: To present and discuss, based on the current literature, the recommendations that were made by the participants of an international workshop on Alzheimer disease that was organized in 2013 during the annual conference of the Caribbean Public Health Association.

Results: Workshop participants identified the following priorities: to assess dementia prevalence in Caribbean countries; to study knowledge, attitudes and practices with regard to dementia; to engage people with signs of dementia to talk about their experiences; to study the extent of social isolation among and stigmatization toward older people; to measure the quality of the social environment; to quantify resources and training challenges among health professionals with regard to ageing and dementia; to study policies and mechanisms needed for providing community level care; to assess social support for caregivers and persons diagnosed with Alzheimer; and to study access to health care services and education about risk factors among older people.

Conclusion: This short communication suggests the need to focus on political, social and individual factors to better understand and respond to both the ageing of Caribbean societies and the concomitant raise of dementia prevalence.

03 Apr, 2017
24 Mar, 2017
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e-Published: 07 Apr, 2017


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