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Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Barbados



Video assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) is now an established technique for diagnostic and therapeutic intervention in patients with thoracic pathology at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH). This article reviews the experience with 50 patients over the period May 1996 to February 2003, looking at various factors and outcomes in an attempt to ascertain the viability of this procedure at this institution. It serves as a follow-up article to the publication of the initial experience in 1999 (1). There were 24 males and 26 females included in the study. Video assisted thoracoscopic surgery was used for diagnosis in 27 cases (54%), therapeutic indication in 17 cases (34%) and as both a diagnostic and therapeutic modality in six cases (12%). In 92% of cases, the operations were completed thoracoscopically with a conversion rate of 8%. The morbidity and mortality rates were 18% and 2% respectively. Video assisted thoracoscopic surgery is an effective tool for the treatment and investigation of selected thoracic pathology at the QEH with complications and mortality rates comparable to other institutions (2, 3).

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e-Published: 06 Jun, 2013
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