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Traumatic Displacement of Maxillary Teeth into the Nasal Cavity: A Diagnosis Delayed for 15 Years



Intrusion is defined as displacement of the tooth into the alveolar bone.In this report, we presented a patient with 15 years of delayed diagnosis of maxillary teeth intrusion into the nasal cavity. A 30-year-old male presented to our clinic with nasal discharge. He had been in a traffic accident 15 years ago. Radiographic examination revealed intrusion of two anterior teeth into the nasal cavity. In patients with maxillofacial trauma, the possibility to have an accompanying dentoalveolar trauma must always be kept in mind. While CT is useful in diagnosis of such traumas, it must be performed in all patients with maxillofacial trauma to avoid misdiagnosis.

01 Jun, 2015
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e-Published: 24 May, 2017


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