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Proprioceptive Training in Rehabilitation Therapy of Patients with Joint Stiffness after Boneblast around the Knee

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Objective: To investigate effect of proprioceptive training in rehabilitation therapy of patients with joint stiffness after boneblast around knee.

Methods: Choose 42 patients with cases of stiff joints after boneblast around knee who receive rehabilitation treatment in our hospital during April 2013 -- September 2014, to be randomly divided into control group and observation group. The control group receives conventional rehabilitation treatment, while the observation group receives proprioception intensive training on the basis of the control group. Compare rehabilitation effect of 2 groups of patients.

Result: After receiving corresponding rehabilitation, the indicators of 2 groups of patients show significant improvement, but the degree of improvement in the observation group exceeds the control group. There is significant differences in comparison (P <0.05).

Conclusion: Proprioceptive training can promote recovery of joint stability, knee function, and balance function of patients with joint stiffness.

09 Jun, 2017
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e-Published: 10 Jul, 2017


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