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Actual Approaches in Prevention of Early Childhood Caries

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Objective: The studies which based on preventive programs presented that promotion of the mother's oral health status and diet habits provide a simple, long-term and very important protection on the infant caries. Also, it is reported that oral health educations, preventive applications and dietery recommendations can prevent bacterial transmission from mothers to infants during the infectivity window. The aim of this paper is to explore actual preventive approaches in eliminating the occurrence of dental caries in early primary dentition period.

Methods: A comprehensive literature search of the basic and actual published studies in PubMed/MEDLINE regarding the efficacy of preventive methods and dental treatments aiming to prevent of early childhood caries was performed.

Conclusion: Preventive interventions in mothers may cause decline in the future caries experience of infants. Dental treatment of mothers with high numbers of MS by dietary and antimicrobial measures could reduce the risk of spreading cariogenic microorganisms to their infants and thus reduces the caries risk in the children.

08 Aug, 2017
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e-Published: 15 Aug, 2017


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