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A Comparative Study of the Effects of Endurance and Resisted Exercise on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Elderly Patients – A randomized Controlled Trial



Objectives: This study aim was to compare the impacts of endurance exercise to the impacts of resisted exercise on COPD in elderly patients.

Design: Between December 2015 and April 2016, forty obese elderly patients with moderate COPD aged 60-70 years were selected for this study. Their body mass index (BMI) ranged from 30 to > 40 kg/m2.They were randomly classified into two groups, each group comprised of 20 patients, group A received a program of endurance exercise (EE 3 times/week for 12 weeks) and group B received a program of resisted exercise (RE 3 times/week for 12 weeks). The pulmonary function, peripheral oxygen saturation and dyspnea score have been measured at the commencement and the end of the study.

Results: Endurance exercise and resisted exercise showed statistically significant results in pulmonary functions and SpO2 (p < 0.05). Endurance exercise showed significant results in dyspnea score (p < 0.05) while resisted exercise had no significant results (p > 0.05). At the end of the intervention, endurance exercise showed greater improvement than resisted exercise with significant difference (p < 0.05).

Conclusions: Both groups have a significant improvement on COPD patients while endurance exercise showed greater improvement than resisted exercise in obese elderly patients with COPD in a short term (up to twelve weeks).

22 Aug, 2017
e-Published: 31 Aug, 2017


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