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Age, Body Mass and Physical Activity Determinants of Facial Acne Severity among Southern Nigerian Adolescents and Young Adults



Objective: To explore the relationship between severity of acne with Age, Body Mass Index (BMI) and Physical Activity Index (PAI) of the patients.

Methods: The study employed a cross sectional design. Acne patients were recruited through quota sampling across a University Faculties, 120 subjects meet the inclusion requirements and gave individual consent however 105 completed the study. A 25cm2 quadrant, Global Acne Grading Scale (GAGS), Kaiser Physical Activity Survey (KPAS), and BMI apparatus were used to measure; acne lesion count and density, facial distribution and severity, PAI, and BMI respectively. Multiple regression, and Spearman’s correlation were used for inferential statistical analysis.

Results: Subjects’ characteristics were: age (22 ± 4 years), BMI (25.3 ± 3.5), PAI (2.5 ± 0.4) and 5 ± 1.7 acne eruptions per 25cm2 of face. Multiple regression showed that Age, BMI and PAI significantly predicted Acne severity, F (3,101) = 4.272, p = 0.012, R2 = 0.293. Conversely, only Age (ρ = -0.513, p = 0.002, C.I = 99%) has a significant (inverse) relationship with acne severity; there is no significant relationship between acne and BMI (ρ = 0.034, p = 0.846, C.I = 95%) or PAI (ρ = -0.313, p = 0.067, C.I = 95%).

Conclusion: Age of subjects has a significant correlation with acne severity. However, BMI and PAI have no significant relationship acne. 

20 Dec, 2017
e-Published: 22 Dec, 2017


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