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Church-based Health Promotion in Jamaica for the Ageing Population

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High-quality management of health conditions is critical among the ageing population as this group is more likely to have experienced health ailments. To eliminate the disproportionate number of African American seniors suffering health conditions and to encourage healthy behaviours, churches within the African American community have initiated health promotion programmes and services. Some of the available health education programmes started out as pilot projects and now function on a regular basis. Given the success of the accessible churchbased health promotion programmes (CBHPs), health organizations and agencies now support and encourage these programmes for disease risk populations (ie African Americans and Hispanic communities). Accordingly, health agencies across the United States of America (US) recognize the need to promote healthier habits among African Americans and other vulnerable groups as statistics continue to show a gap within the US healthcare system. A CBHPP appears to be more practical for specific populations given that the promotions are often designed with cultural relevancy. The following commentary proposes similar faith-based health promotions in Jamaica as a means to provide and to make more available delivery of healthcare and quality of life in the ageing Jamaican population. 
03 Aug, 2018
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e-Published: 19 Dec, 2018
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