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Some Bio-Medical Mechanisms in Athletic Prowess

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Variations in somato-genetic patterns in muscle-fibre biology, biochemical metabolic pathways and pulmonary physiology are hypothesized to have been concentrated by natural selection over the centuries in the Afrocentric peoples displaced from West Africa to the New World. These phenotypic and genotypic characteristics are attributed to provide the athletic prowess so well documented in African-Americans. Not the least of coincidence seems to be the influence of the compensatory mechanisms on oxygen transport and its availability to the tissues, in response to the sickle cell gene. The reduced availability coupled with reduced myoglobin in the preponderant fast-twitch muscle fibres which are adapted for rapid energy (ATP) regeneration, all give a NET outcome of muscle anatomical and biochemical advantages which support outstanding performances in athleticism.

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e-Published: 10 Jun, 2013
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