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Investigation of the National Drug Lists and the Perception of Pharmacists and Physicians about Generic Drugs at Health Institutions in the North Central Region of Trinidad

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Objective: To investigate the drugs on three annual national drug pricing lists and via a survey determine the perception and concerns physicians and pharmacists have about generic drugs.

Method: Windows® Excel 2007 and Minitab® version 17 examined the pricing lists and a self-administered questionnaire was used to perform a non-randomized, cross-sectional study with convenient sampling of physicians and pharmacists after obtaining written consent.

Results: Physicians (78.6%) and pharmacists (87.1%) agreed and strongly agreed, respectively that there are medical conditions for which brand name drugs are preferred including cardiovascular conditions and diabetes; which were comprised in the five major medication categories on the national drug list. Overall, physicians and pharmacists showed a ‘Good’ to ‘Excellent’ perception of generic drugs but had some safety and efficacy concerns. Lack of reporting of adverse drug reactions and quality issues by health professionals was also observed.

Conclusion: Education and communication amongst patients, physicians and pharmacists can improve perception of generic drugs; hence, increase confidence in prescribing, dispensing and patient management.


08 May, 2018
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e-Published: 26 Feb, 2019


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