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Radiological Assessment of Type II Stafne Idiopathic Bone Cyst in a Patient Undergoing Implant Therapy: A Case Report

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This paper is intended to describe the confirmative role of radiology in the diagnosis of Stafne Idiopathic bone Cyst (SIBC) without the need for histopathology especially when dental implants are considered so as to avoid unnecessary invasive surgical exploration of this benign pathology. Other pathologies may present not unlike SIBC and as such it is mandatory to rule out such possibilities especially prior to dental implant therapy. The use of orthopanthomogram and non-sialographic computed tomography (CT) scan in the reported case together with a review of CT scan confirmatory role in the diagnosis of SIBC from the literature was the basis for this clinical report. Based on the CT scan findings of the jaw in this case and review of the literature, the implant procedure was commenced without the need of histopathology and/or for invasive surgical exploration of this pathology. All pathologic lesions of the jawbone seen on the orthopanthomogram should be confirmed prior to commencement of implant procedure even when such pathologies are seen in areas remote from the proposed implant site. The pre-implant radiological assessment utilizing non-sialographic CT scan alone is confirmatory of SIBC.

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e-Published: 20 Jun, 2013
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