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Oral Piercing And Its Complications in Two Serbian Youth: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

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Objective: Historically, wearing adornments on pierced body parts has been associated with many cultures as manifestations of religious or cultural identities. Currently, its use has a broad acceptance among young people. In the oral cavity, the most common sites for piercings are the tongue and lower lip.
Results: Pain, swelling and infection are the most serious consequences associated with this procedure. Several complications may be associated with this practice with the most frequently observed being halitosis, periodontitis, tooth fracture, glossitis, and the formation of abscesses. Other adverse outcomes include mucosal or gingival trauma, increased salivary flow, and interference with speech, mastication and swallowing.
Conclusion: This article presents case reports on lip and tongue piercings and literature review highlights of this procedure. Special attention is given to complications and dental implications associated with such a practice.
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e-Published: 22 Jan, 2013
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