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Echocardiographic Findings in a Contemporary Afro-Caribbean Population Referred for Evaluation of Unexplained Syncope

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Echocardiographic findings were reviewed for 106 patients (mean age 41.3 ± 23.0 years, range 3 to 90 years, 61% female) referred for evaluation of unexplained syncope. Abnormal echocardiographic findings were seen in 36/106 (34%) patients, of which 12/106 (11%) may have an abnormality that contributed to symptoms. Abnormal echocardiographic findings (64 vs 6%, p < 0.01) and those possibly causing syncope (22 vs 0%, p < 0.05) were significantly more likely in the oldest tercile of patients compared with the youngest. No patient less than 35 years old had a possibly diagnostic abnormality.

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e-Published: 23 Jul, 2013
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