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Sixtieth Anniversary of The University of the West Indies

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The University of The West Indies was founded 60 years ago with thirty-three students in the then Faculty of Medicine at the Mona Campus, Jamaica. This issue of the Journal is dedicated to the Diamond Jubilee of the Faculty and the University. In this issue are articles detailing the evolution of undergraduate medical training at the Mona Campus (1) where there has been a more integrated curriculum, introduction of co-curricular activities and student interviews in the admission process, and the introduction of the GPA system.

            The chronic non-communicable diseases have emerged as leading causes of disability in the Caribbean and pose challenges for the future. There is every confidence that appropriate research and strategic planning will also effectively deal with these. The Jamaican life style study has already impacted on policy decisions. The Caribbean governments have increased their focus on the chronic non-communicable diseases with emphasis on life style modification and prevention.

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e-Published: 25 Jul, 2013
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