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Content Page: January 2005, Vol 54: No.1

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1. The Quest for the Global Elimination of Leprosy
A East-Innis
The stigma and fear of acquiring the gross deformities that accompany Leprosy remain an obstacle to control of the disease.
3. The Control of Hypertension by use of Coconut Water and Mauby: Two Tropical Food Drinks
T Alleyne, S Roache, C Thomas, A Shirley
A study was carried out to determine if coconut water and/or mauby possess haemodynamic properties. It was found that regular consumption of these two drinks led to significantly decreased blood pressure in 40 – 70% of the subjects studied. Some very large decreases were seen when the two drinks were mixed before consumption.
9. Paediatric Open Heart Surgery in Trinidad and Tobago: An Example of Collaborative Care
G Henry, D Alexander, S Brann, I Sammy
Between September 1998 and February 2003, 204 children underwent cardiac surgery in Trinidad and Tobago for various congenital cardiac lesions. Mortality rate was less than one per cent.
14. Urban Jamaican Children’s Exposure to Community Violence
ME Samms-Vaughan, MA Jackson, DE Ashley
Jamaican children, particularly boys, primary school students and those of lower socio-economic status report high levels of exposure to violence as witnesses and victims. The single commonest exposure as victims is loss of a family member or close family friend to murder.
22. Beta haemolytic Streptococci in School Children 5 – 15 Years of Age with an Emphasis on Rheumatic Fever in the Tri-island State of Grenada
TP Noel, J Zabriskie, CNL Macpherson, G Perrotte
The use of laboratory techniques as part of a rheumatic fever eradication project to assess the prevalence of beta haemolytic streptococci in the pharyngeal region and the presence of antibodies to beta haemolytic streptococci in serum of school children 5 – 15 years of age in the triisland state of Grenada.
28. Breastfeeding Patterns among Six-week old Term Infants at the University Hospital of the West Indies
K Kurzewski, J Meeks Gardner
Eighty-nine mothers attending post-natal clinics at the University Hospital of the West Indies were interviewed at six weeks postpartum regarding their breastfeeding patterns and problems.
34. Neuroendoscopy in Jamaica
IW Crandon, R Ramcharan, H Harding, CAR Bruce, G Donaldson
Neuroendoscopy is the treatment of choice for obstructive hydrocephalus due to aqueduct stenosis or posterior fossa tumours and has the advantage of avoiding shunt related complications. It is safe and effective for the majority of patients and has a significant role in the management of neurosurgical patients in the West Indies.
38. Surgical Complications of Cocaine Body-Packing: A Survey of Jamaican Hospitals
JM East
Seventeen cases were identified. Indication for surgery included bowel obstruction, delayed passage and rupture of pellets with cocaine poisoning. Sites of obstruction are identified and an approach to the conduct of surgery for obstruction and packet rupture is recommended.
42. Retrospective Review of Leptospirosis in Guadeloupe, French West Indies: 1994 – 2001
C Herrmann-Storck, A Briudes, R Quirin, J Deloumeaux, I Lamaury, M Nicolas, D Postic
Leptospirosis is endemic in Guadeloupe, French West Indies. A descriptive analysis of the patients hospitalized with symptoms of leptospirosis in the Hospital of Pointe á Pitre from 1994 to 2001 is presented. This includes demographic, clinical and biological data and activities
at risk for leptospirosis.
47. Oesophageal Foreign Bodies at the University Hospital of the West Indies
EW William D Chambers, H Ashman, J Williams-Johnson, P Singh, AH McDonald, M Reid, B Brown
A retrospective analysis of oesophageal foreign bodies (EFBs) was conducted. The most common EFBs were bones. Oesophagoscopy is a reliable method in the treatment of EFB impaction.
51. Critical Incidents Contributing to the Initiation of Substance Use and Abuse among Women Attending Drug Rehabilitation Centres in Trinidad and Tobago
RG Maharaj, J Rampersad, J Henry, KV Khan, B Koonj-Beharry, J Mohammed, U Rajhbeharrysingh, S Barclay,    F Ramkisoon, M Sriranganathan, B Brathwaite
In-depth interviews were analyzed to determine the critical incidents that contribute to the initiation of substance use among women. The results fell into eight themes, including factors intrinsic to the woman and substance abuse as a coping mechanism.
59. Vomiting Post Tonsillectomy at the University Hospital of the West Indies
M Scarlett, I Tennant, K Ehikhametalor, M Nelson
Vomiting post tonsillectomy is a distressing complication that increases patient discomfort and prolongs hospital stay. Decreasing its incidence would facilitate a move to more day-case tonsillectomies.
65. Use What You Have: Biological Assistance for the Treatment of Heart Failure in the Caribbean
IR Ramnarine, S Salmons, JC Jarvis
Heart transplant mechanical assist are not economically viable for the treatment of Caribbean patients with endstage heart failure. Biological cardiac assist offers the potential for an inexpensive, effective and accessible alternative therapy.
70. High Risk Health Behaviour among Adult Jamaicans
JP Figueroa, E Ward, C Walters, DE Ashley, RJ Wilks
A population based survey in Jamaican adults finds that high risk health behaviour remains common.
77. Research: Juggling Career Aspirations with Quality and Relevance to the Caribbean
N Kissoon
82. Popliteal Artery Transection Associated with Blunt Knee Injury: Controversies in Management
JM Plummer, MEC Mcfarlane, KG Jones, DIG Mitchell
85. Chronic Cholelithiasis with Gallstones Lodged in an Isolated Subserosal Intramural Gastric Pouch
AK Sarda, SA Bhalla, A Goyal, P Lal, L Singh, VN Kulshreshta
87. Pituitary Apoplexy Associated with Ptosis
D Soares, IW Crandon
90. A Case of Referred Pain Following a Pedicled Medial Gastrocnemius Muscle Flap
D Oudit, G Ross, DA McGrouther
William Einar Miall: Epidemiologist
93. Forthcoming Meetings
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