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Content Page: June 2005, Vol 54: No.3

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165. Disaster Preparedness and Management in the Caribbean: The Need for Psychological Support
A Gordon Stair, AM Pottinger
Disasters are usually accompanied by physical devastation, loss, economic impact and emotional turmoil. The emotional impact however is often not recognized. Within the Caribbean, much more is needed at integrating psychological services within general disaster preparedness and management.
167. A Descriptive Study of HIV-infected Long-term Surviving Children in Barbados – A Preliminary Report
A Kumar, MA St John, D Lewis
This is a descriptive study of children surviving to eight years-of-age from a cohort of 44 HIV-infected children not on treatment. Seventeen (38.6%) survived to the age of eight years and are categorized as long-term survivors. Of the 16 children alive, 37.5% had mild symptoms with no immunodeficiency and are categorized as long-term non-progressors.
171. Surgery in the Elderly: Is Age a Risk Factor?
IW Crandon, H Harding, R Carpenter, JM Branday, DT Simeon
Elderly surgical patients at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica, had less emergency admissions, underwent more surgery, had a longer mean hospital stay, a higher mortality rate and a greater mortality amongst emergency admissions. Cancer was the commonest admission diagnosis and that amongst mortalities.
176. A Clinical Audit of the Quality of Care of Hypertension in General Practice
M Asnani, P Brown, D O’Connor, T Lewis, S Win, M Reid
There are gaps between current practice and standards that exist internationally and locally for management of hypertension in primary care in Jamaica. Clinical audit is a powerful instrument to assess current practices and deficiencies. Feedback to principal managers of the practice and appropriate training to rectify deficiencies can improve outcomes.
181. Triage Decisions and Outcome among the Critically Ill at the University Hospital of the West Indies
R Augier, IR Hambleton, H Harding
The triage and outcome of patients referred for admission to the ICU at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica, was investigated. The authors found that disease severity was the main determinant of admission to the ICU, and that a shortage of ICU beds is adversely affecting outcome.
187. Anaesthesia for Operative Deliveries at the University Hospital of the West Indies: A Change of Practice
A Crawford-Sykes, M Scarlett, IR Hambleton, M Nelson, C Rattray
In 1996, more than 90% of the Caesarean sections at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica, were being done under general anaesthesia. By 2001, more than 80% of the Caesarean sections were done under spinal anaesthesia.
192. The Epidemiology of Mycotic Vulvovaginitis and the use of Antifungal Agents in Suspected Mycotic Vulvovaginitis and its Implications for Clinical Practice
ST Jackson, L Rainford, A Miller, AM Mullings
Inappropriate empirical treatment of suspected mycotic vulvovaginitis predisposes to the development of antifungal resistance and the emergence of non-albicans Candida species. These findings have significant implications for clinical practice.
196. A Comparison of Patients Relapsing to Addictive Drug Use with Non-relapsing Patients Following Residential Addiction Treatment in Antigua
TC Martin, JA Josiah-Martin, J Kosakoski, K Norton, T Sinnott
The status of addictive drug use in 100 persons from Antigua with addiction admitted for residential treatment was assessed at an average of 21 months following treatment. Abstinence was achieved in 46% of those entering treatment, in 51% completing treatment, in 60% in those whose families participated and in 92% of those accepting halfway house placement.
202. Extraspinal Osteoarticular Tuberculosis: A Forgotten Entity?
KD Vaughan
207. Pyoderma Gangrenosum Associated with Osteomyelitis in a
Paediatric Patient: A Case Report
A East-Innis, R Desnoes, K Thame, S Shirley, D Gilbert
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