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Content Page: September 2005, Vol 54: No.4

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217. Paediatric Critical Care: Beyond the Walls
RB Pierre, R Augier
The delivery of optimal paediatric critical care requires healthcare providers to think outside the confines of the intensive care unit. Public health strategies, training and recertification in basic and advanced paediatric life support and optimized transport of patients are key issues for consideration.
220. Transfer of Head-injured Patients in Jamaica: Is there a Problem?
IW Crandon, H Harding, AH McDonald, CAR Bruce, D Fearon-Boothe, A Rhoden, N Meeks-Aitken
The transfer of head-injured patients, many with multiple injuries, is not being performed in a manner consistent with modern medical practice. There is urgent need for implementation of a standardized protocol for the transfer of such patients in Jamaica.
225. Microbial Isolates from Patients in an Intensive Care Unit, and Associated Risk Factors
I Tennant, H Harding, M Nelson, K Roye-Green
Sputum, blood and urine cultures done in ICU patients at the UHWI showed a predominance of gram-negative organisms. Risk factors for positive cultures included mechanical ventilation > 5 days, CVP line insertion > 7 days, pre-admission infection, prior use of antibiotics, increasing APACHE II score and increasing age.
232. The Effect of Hurricane Ivan on Emergency Department Operations at the University Hospital of the West Indies
EW Williams, J Williams-Johnson, S French, P Singh, AH McDonald, R Ford
The authors conducted a descriptive retrospective record-based incidence study of all admissions to the Emergency Department (ED) during a hurricane. Injuries that took place during the hurricane period represented 40% of the total patients seen. Overall, the coping mechanism of the ED was adequate for this magnitude of disaster.
236. The Epidemiology of Measles in Children from Eastern Turkey
S Altynkaynak, V Ertekin, A Guraksyn, A Kylyc, N Yiyit
The authors report that a two-dose vaccination schedule for measles would be satisfactory for Turkey.
238. Judet Quadricepsplasty for Extension Contracture of the Knee
REC Rose
242. Carcinoma of the Jejunum with Multideposit Peritoneal Seeding, Resection and Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy
M Innis, N Sandiford, RK Shenoy, PR Prussia, A Zbar,
247. Penetrating Type Intraosseus Ganglion Cyst of the Lunate Bone
T Tuzuner
250. An In Vitro Comparison of Implant Materials Cell Attachment, Cytokine and Osteocalcin Production
FA Shaama
Quantities of biochemical signals interleukin-1α (IL-1α), IL-6, IL-8, IL-11, macrophage colony stimulating factor and osteocalcin produced by osteosarcoma cell line MG 63 are different in the presence of titanium (Ti), titanium alloy (Ti6A14V) and stainless steel implant materials.
257. The Comparative Effectiveness of Two Digit–Sucking Deterrent Methods
CO Bourne
The effectiveness of a crib and positive reinforcement in eliminating anterior open bites and increased overjets caused by digit–sucking was studied over a seventeen-week observation period. A trend seen was that the crib is more effective than positive reinforcement.
261. A New Surgical Management for Oro-antral Communication: The Resorbable Guided Tissue Regeneration Membrane – Bone Substitute Sandwich Technique: Case Report
C Ogunsalu
264. Cemento-osseous Dysplasia in Jamaica: Review of Six Cases
C Ogunsalu, D Miles
268. Ceftazidime-resistant Salmonella Enteritidis in Jamaica

G Saunders, N Bodonaik, MF Smikle, M Parshad-Asnani


270. Increased Copper Level in Oral Mucosal Tissue of Patients with Submucous Fibrosis and who Chew Areca Nut Products

KG Pillai, KN Burde


272. Image and Diagnosis

EW Williams, H Ashman, R Edwards



273. Ethical Practice in Everyday Healthcare

ER Walrond



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