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Content Page: October 2005, Vol 54: No.5

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277. Developments with Regard to End-of-life Decisions in Newborns
AAE Verhagen
End-of-life decisions in newborns are among the most difficult decisions in paediatric practice. Especially when they concern newborns with untreatable diseases. An open discussion about the dilemmas regarding such decisions may help to develop a coherent and integrated approach.
279. Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1 (HIV-1) Subtypes in Jamaica
OD Heslop, MF Smikle, D Deer, NA Christian, IE Vickers, KM Harvey, JP Figueroa, CDC Christie, B Bain, EN Barton
The majority of strains of HIV-1 isolated from HIV-1 infected individuals in Jamaica were found to be HIV- 1 subtype B. The less frequently found HIV-1 subtypes were C, D and E and some strains were untypable by the methods used.
283. Field Trial to Test and Evaluate Primary Tobacco Prevention Methods in Clusters of Elementary Schools in Barbados
A Lwegaba
Tobacco control efforts presently focus on late adolescence and adulthood. The intervention in
children aged 9 – 11 years reduced experimental smoking by 87% at US$2 per child, cost-effectiveness akin to immunization.
292. Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Jamaican Children, Aged 1-5 Years, with Sickle Cell Disease
L King, M Reid, T Forrester
Iron deficiency anaemia (IDA) occurs in children with sickle cell disease (SCD) in Jamaica. Further studies are needed to determine whether treatment of IDA in children with SCD reduces morbidity and is associated with clinical benefits such as improvement in neurocognitive function.
297. The Impact of the Establishment of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit on the Outcome of Very Low Birthweight Infants at the University Hospital of the West Indies
H Trotman, M Barton
The establishment of a neonatal intensive care unit has resulted in improved survival of very low birthweight infants. Further improvement in survival of these infants will be dependent on increased accessibility to surfactant therapy, initiation of total parenteral nutrition and the availability of trained personnel.
302. The Quality of Health Research Reporting by the Daily Newspapers in Trinidad and Tobago
S Nichols, N Chase
Health research published by the newsprint media might influence the public’s perception of the aetiologies of important diseases. Consequently, stakeholders must analyze the quality of such articles for scientific accuracy.
308. A Content Analysis of Health Research Reported by the Daily Newspapers of Trinidad and Tobago
S Nichols, N Chase
The increasing importance of patient-centred healthcare systems coupled with the ease of availability of health research findings necessitate continuous analyses of reported health information for credibility, accuracy, relevancy and coverage.
315. Characteristics and Control of Severe Hypertension in a Specialist, Private Practice in Jamaica
GR Lalljie, SE Lalljie
The authors propose that patients with severe hypertension will require four or more antihypertensives for adequate long-term control. Most are symptomatic at presentation.
319. Variation of Homicidal and Suicidal Behaviour within Trinidad and Tobago and the Associated Ecological Risk Factors
G Hutchinson
Regional disaggregating of national statistics regarding homicide and suicide reveal geographic and ethnic variation of these mortality related behaviours. This suggests that victims of homicide and suicide have a different set of risk factors that are in part explained by where they are located geographically and prevention and analysis can only be addressed if the regional variations are understood and explained.
325. Spectrum of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical Procedures in Kano, Nigeria
SO Ajike, JT Arotiba, RA Adebola, A Ladehinde, IO Amole
A retrospective study of patients with maxillofacial surgical diseases seen and treated at a new tertiary teaching hospital in Nigeria, between 2001 and 2003, is presented. A total of 87 patients had 90 primary and 8 secondary surgical procedures. The various surgical procedures, complications and the socio-economic status of the patients were analyzed and discussed.
329. Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Temperature Variability during Periodontal Surgery
RG Gedik, I Marakoglu, S Demirer
Many factors such as patient age, gender, amount of anaesthesia may be strong determinants of the increase in blood pressure. All parameters that showed significant changes may increase more in medically compromised patients; such patients need more precaution.
334. Non-syndromal Multiple Buried Supernumerary Teeth: Report of Two Cases from the Englishspeaking Caribbean and a Review of the Literature
AS Ramsaran, S Barclay, E Scipio, C Ogunsalu
337. Aggressive Infantile (Desmoid-type) Fibromatosis of the Maxilla: A Case Report and New Classification
C Ogunsalu, S Barclay
Streptococcus intermedius Liver Abscesses and Colon Cancer: A Case Report
JJ Millichap, AI McKendrick, VS Drelichman
343. Bilateral Psoas Abscess in a Case of Granuloma Inguinale
W West, H Fletcher, B Hanchard, C Rattray, K Vaughan
346. Spontaneous Haemo-Pneumothorax: A Rare but Life-threatening Phenomenon
EW Willliams
348. Bilateral Krukenberg Ovarian Tumours Complicated by Pregnancy in an Antiguan Woman of African Ethnicity
G Raghunandan, TC Martin
350. The Story of Cardiac Defibrillation
EMM Besterman
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