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An Assessment of Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviour Regarding the Human Papillomavirus



Objectives: This report is based on a study conducted in February 2010 that assessed the knowledge and attitudes toward cervical cancer and human papillomavirus (HPV) in Grenada which has a high incidence of cervical cancer.

Methods: The participants were 71 students at the St George’s University. There were 58 females and 13 males who participated in the study, a ratio of 4.5:1. Participants were asked to complete a survey on their knowledge and attitudes about HPV, cervical cancer and the associated risk factors. Other evaluations of their levels of risk and Pap smear practices were also assessed.

Results: The data reflected low knowledge and infrequent screening practices, from a public health perspective, when compared with developed countries. The data showed a significant deficit in knowledge of
both males and females. Almost 95% of the women surveyed were able to correctly identify the purpose of a Pap smear as compared to 69.2% of the men surveyed. When the participants were asked what was the cause of cervical cancer, 63.8% of women and 53.8% of males were correctly able to identify the HPV.

Conclusions: Enhanced educational programmes are needed to reduce the burden of cervical cancer that exists in Grenada.

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e-Published: 19 Aug, 2013
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