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Living and Training in a Tropical Environment: A Challenge for Aerobic Exercise Applied Knowledge and Perspectives

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The tropical climate is unique in that the seasons are dominated by the movement of the tropical rain belt, resulting in dry and wet seasons rather than the four-seasonal pattern of changes in temperature and day length seen in other parts of the world. Humid tropics are characterized by consistently high monthly temperatures, often exceeding 18°C throughout the year, and rainfall that exceeds evapotranspiration for at least 270 days per year. Although considerable information has been gathered on the physiological adaptation to hot/dry climates, data on acclimation to hot/humid climates are still limited.
This review focusses on the effects of the tropical environment on human exercise performance through studies performed in the Caribbean, with a special emphasis on prolonged aerobic exercise such as swimming, cycling and running.

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e-Published: 19 Aug, 2013
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