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Vol 58, issue 4 (2009)


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Dental Forum


  • MR Asnani
    Communication between patient and physician is a key clinical skill, and yet it is sadly lacking as evidenced by a multitude of studies. Effective communication, however, can markedly improve patient outcomes.
  • R Bullock, D Soares
    Cerebrospinal fluid leaks are a clinically important entity due to the associated risk of central nervous system infection. The authors review the imaging management not only of patients with suspected cerebrospinal fluid leaks, but also of those with confirmed leaks imaged in order to facilitate treatment.
  • F Dallaire, E Dewailly, P Rouja
    This paper presents for the first time the incidence and mortality rates of cancer in Bermuda. Age-adjusted incidence rates were also compared to those of the United States of America. Differences existed in specific cancer sites but global rates were similar in both countries.
  • WM West, DC Brady-West, KP West, M Frankson
    The clinical presentations which led to the diagnosis of cholelithiasis were different in males compared to females. Females were more likely to be diagnosed in the setting of an acute abdomen, while males presented with non-acute symptoms unrelated to the biliary tract.
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