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Vol 63, Issue 3: Emergency Medicine (2014)


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  • JM Plummer, D Ferron-Boothe, N Meeks-Aitken, AH McDonald
    Trauma remains a challenging burden on the often under-funded healthcare systems of developing countries. Ten-year data from the Jamaica Trauma Registry shows that trauma accounts for 20% of surgical admissions, with 5% mortality. There is a good opportunity for various preventive programmes to be instituted to reduce the burden of this disease.
  • M Gossell-Williams, J Williams-Johnson, EW Williams, P Levy
    A recent survey of hypertensive patients at the Emergency Department of the University of the West Indies revealed that more than a third were non-compliant with their prescribed medications and more than half had poorly controlled blood pressure. Providing access to drug is inadequate and a more holistic approach is required to reduce blood pressure on the population level.

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