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Lisa Ann Vasciannie

Lisa Ann Vasciannie PhD, Government :International Relations (UWI) is a Lecturer International Relations.  She currently lectures Introduction to International Relations, International Relations: Theories and Approaches, and Regionalism in a Globalized Age.  Dr. Vasciannie’s research interests include Election Observation, Democracy Promotion, International Norms, the Role of International Actors on Domestic Politics and Gender in International Relations. As an electoral expert, Dr. Vasciannie has observed elections in the Maldives and Tanzania. She has done extensive research on international election observation in the Commonwealth Caribbean and within the Organization of American States.  Dr. Vasciannie is currently the Faculty Advisor for The UWI Model United Nations Club.


Vasciannie, Lisa Ann International Election Observation in the Commonwealth Caribbean: Race, Aid and Democratization (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017)

Vasciannie, Lisa Ann “International Election Observation in the Americas: Special Reference to the work of the OAS,” in Inter-American Relations: Past, Present and Future Trends, ed. Joshua Hyles (New Castle Upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishers, 2017) 18-28.

Vasciannie, Lisa Ann “International Election Observation in Guyana: 1964-2001.” Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, 55 (2017) 141-164.

Vasciannie, Lisa Ann “International Election Observation: The Case of the December 1997 Jamaican Election.” Social and Economic Studies, 51 (2002) 117-154.

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