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Special Admission

Applicants may elect to register for one or two courses within the LLM programme at a subsidised fee. Those specially admitted can audit a course or complete the course for credit, and special admission may be a gateway to admission to a degree programme. Under the University Regulations persons specially admitted to LLM courses, may, if admitted to the degree, use their credits, a maximum of nine credits, towards the degree.

Courses are delivered online via UWI's eLearning platform and are one semester long.


The qualification for special admission to these courses is a Bachelor's degree, proof of which is an official transcript. For UWI graduates, there is no need to send us a transcript. For non-UWI graduates, we know that you may not have on hand your official transcript but we ask that in the interim, you forward a copy of your degree certificate and immediately request a transcript from your degree granting institution to be forwarded to the Assistant Registrar, Office of Graduate Studies & Research at Most universities will have a records or examinations section online where you will be able to request your transcript.

For both non-UWI and UWI graduates, please also forward a copy of your Birth Certificate. These requirements arise because, once specially admitted, you will be officially a student of The UWI Mona.


Students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate from the faculty and will be able to request a formal transcript, at a cost, from the university reflecting the completed course.

If you have completed a course via special admission in the past and wish to request a transcript, please click this link.


The cost of each course is US $790 in addition to Miscellaneous Fees set by The University, which may vary each academic year. Payment can be made via credit card, direct transfer, wire transfer or other payment options arranged by The University. Tuition fees may be adjusted each academic year. 

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Courses Offered

Semester 1 2023/2024 

  • LAW6350 Global Aspects in Public Procurement (Lecturer: Mr Andrei Bennet; Fridays 3 - 6 pm Jamaica time)

  • LAW6300 Advanced Public International Law (Lecturer: Ms Hazelle Jones; Wednesdays 5 - 8 pm Jamaica time)

  • LAW6750 Advanced International Human Rights Law (Lecturer: Dr Prince Neto Waite; Mondays 5 - 8 pm Jamaica time)


Please use this guide to apply for special admission. 

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