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COVID Protocols

DMLL COVID-19 Protocol for Admission to Main Office

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, in accordance with the guidelines stipulated by the Government of Jamaica implemented a number of public health and social measures to contain the spread of the virus. These include but are not limited to:

1) The mandatory wearing of masks that covers both the nose and mouth.
2) The recommended continuous sanitizing of the hands with either soap and water or hand sanitizers.
3) The recommended 6 feet distancing guideline when interacting with others.

In addition, The UWI has also suggested the checking of temperatures upon entering a space/building and the documenting of individuals who have entered these said spaces.

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures has fully adopted both the mandatory and suggested guidelines. We have also placed on our website, to decrease internal traffic, our Student Query Form to collect and process potential requests that may come from students who have questions concerning:

1) Adding Minors
2) Changing Majors
3) Requesting Exemptions and Placement Evaluations
4) Processing Remarks/Reviews
5) Exchange Programmes with other Universities
6) Processing Overrides
7) Post Graduate Matters
8) Special Admission

We are therefore kindly asking students with questions concerning the items listed above, to complete and submit the form which is located on our website. We will immediately confirm receipt of the form and pass it to the member of staff who is responsible for processing your query. We are aiming to resolve each of the matters listed above within 72 hours. If your matter is still unresolved after the 72 hours period, the member of staff will make contact with you to update you on your request.

The Department will therefore be accommodating ONLY the following cases for in-person assistance by appointment:

1) You would like to request a translation of a document and have the original of the said document on you person for evaluation.
2) You have tried to make contact with a Lecturer and your attempts to communicate are unacknowledged for more than 72 hours.

Appointments can be made by contacting the department via its WhatsApp number (876-772-7360).

On the day of your appointment, before entering the office, you will be required to scan the Quick Response (QR) Code (located on our entrance door) with your cell phone, complete the required form and then submit. This is to adhere to the stipulation given by The UWI of maintaining a log of individuals who enter the space. Once you have done this, you may knock and enter.

Upon entry, you will be required to sanitize your hands and remain at the marked spot that identifies the 6-feet distancing guideline. At this point, your temperature will be checked.

ONLY ONE (1) student will be accommodated in the office at a time.

It is the aim of this Office to serve each of it students, lecturers and other stakeholders efficiently and safely within the required and suggested guidelines. We are therefore asking for your kind patience and understanding as we all navigate these trying and unprecedented times.

In addition to our email address we may also be reached through our live chat and our landlines at:


between the hours of 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. We are also available on WhatsApp at 876-772-7360.

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