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The Government of the People’s Republic of China offers 8-12 scholarships to Jamaican Nationals each year to study in China.  These are advertised in January. For further information, contact the Scholarship Unit at the Ministry of Finance.
Scholarships from Taiyuan University of Technology are available.  For further information contact the Confucius Institute Jamaica, 6 Gibraltar Road or at telephone 927-0375.

Université Antilles-Guyane (U.A.G.)
A student exchange agreement exists with the Université Antilles-Guyane.  Under this arrangement, students in French will be able to spend one semester or an academic year at the Schoelcher Campus of the U.A.G., in Martinique.  Students participating in this exchange programme are normally second-year (Level 2) students.

University of Bordeaux Teaching Assistantships
Postgraduate students of French may apply for one-year English Language Teaching Assistantships at the University of Bordeaux.

UWI-UAG-Université Bordeaux 4 (Political Sciences)
International Relations Students interested to pursue their studies up to the Masters Level, are offered in this programme the possibility of spending 1 year in Bordeaux and 1 year at the UAG during your undergraduate studies and 1 more year in Bordeaux for the Masters level. For further information contact the Department of Government in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Contact Persons: Dr. Jessica Byron and Dr. Omar Hawthorne.

French Government “Postes d’Assistant”
All students taking French beyond the First Year are normally expected to have spent at least one vacation in a Francophone country.  A number of students and graduates of the Department have been able to spend between 6 and 9 months in France or the French Antilles while working as English Language Tutors in French schools.  Notices inviting applications for scholarships and teaching posts from Jamaican Nationals are published by the French Embassy in Jamaica, usually early in the calendar year.  Students are advised to consult these on the Departmental Notice Board and in the Press.
Students from countries other than Jamaica who are thinking of applying are advised to write as early as possible in the academic year to the office responsible for their territory.
For Jamaica and the Bahamas: French Embassy, 13 Hillcrest Ave., Kingston 6
For Trinidad, Barbados, Easter Caribbean States and Guyana:
French Embassy, Furness Withy Building, 50 Independence Square, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. 


Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme.
Graduating students may apply for posts as English Language Teaching Assistants in Japanese High Schools and other Learning Institutions. Applications should be submitted in October/November. Please check the Faculty and the Department Notice Boards or contact the Japanese Embassy for details.

Japanese Scholarship (Monbushokagasho Scholarship).
Each year the Japanese government offers a postgraduate scholarship to study in a Japanese University.  Please check the Faculty and the Department Notice Boards or contact the Japanese Embassy for details.

Dokkyo University in Japan – Exchange Programme.
Please check the Faculty and the Department Notice Boards or contact the International Students’ Office for details.


UWI/Colombia Exchange
Spanish students can participate in the 4-week summer exchange programme between UWI Campuses and Universities in Colombia.  This exchange will normally take place between June and July. Please check the Faculty and the Department Notice Boards or contact the Latin American -Caribbean Centre for details.

UWI/Universidad de Guantánamo
Please check with the International Students’ Office for further details.

Teaching Assistantship – Colombia 
Graduating students of Spanish may apply for posts as English Language teaching Assistants in Colombian Universities. Please check the Department Notice board for details or contact the Latin American and Caribbean Centre (LACC).

UWI/Costa-Rica Exchange and Quality Leadership Programme with the Office of Student Services and Development (OSSD)
Ten UWI Level II and III students registered in the Quality Leadership Programme have the opportunity to visit the University of Costa Rica in June. This exchange programme is primarily cultural and includes community service and language learning. Knowledge of Spanish, though not required, would be an asset for those selected to represent Mona. Contact: Office of Student Services and Development for further details. 


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