Department of Modern Languages & Literatures


In the English-speaking Caribbean, significant economic activity resides in the provision of services. For example, tourism is an important part of the economy, and the voting block that we represent in international organizations gives us a special value in global matters. The existence of other language communities in the Caribbean, and the market potential of these and the wider Latin America all provide great potential for economic and social development in our societies. The key to unlocking much of this potential is foreign language proficiency – not only in Spanish and French, but in languages that are increasingly important in the global economy, such as Japanese and Chinese.

Moreover, substantial research over the past two decades documents the personal, cognitive, academic, and social benefits of learning another language. It correlates with higher academic performance in other disciplines, promotes understanding of other people and cultures and broadens perspectives to help us become informed, responsible citizens. For all of these reasons, we welcome you to the Department. We encourage you to choose to do the foreign languages major or minor, or to simply do foreign languages as electives. We are a warm and student-centered department. You will enjoy every moment studying with us!