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Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Department's physical opening times have been adjusted to Mondays-Fridays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. HOWEVER, YOU ARE KINDLY REQUESTED TO remotely contact us at (876) 927-2293 or connect with us via e-mail and live chat. Please bear with us as our Department and the UWI Mona Campus by extension expand our digital platforms to serve you better during these challenging and unprecedented times. Welcome!

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Immersed in a postmodern, plural and multi-ethnic world, the individuals of today have the unprecedented option to transform crises into equitable opportunities for growth and inclusion; opportunities that respect diversity, those distinctive traits of our own cultures, our fundamental values of believes, our environment as the home for all living creatures.
Within the framework of a holistic and humanistic education, inter-culturalism as paradigm for the teaching and learning of foreign languages and cultures, will manifest diverse and unconventional ways of relating to one another, understanding and experiencing our differences as well as discovering and affirming our similarities; it will also reveal new ways of reflecting on our individual and community identities to strengthen and capitalize them in order to reposition ourselves in the Caribbean-Latin American regions and the world. Individual and collective growth without tangible cooperation does not exist, and for this purpose it is imperative to command foreign languages and understand with genuine acceptance the cultures that these languages convey.
You are invited to study foreign languages at postgraduate and graduate levels for a master or doctorate program and/or as a major, minor or simply elective courses, always involved in the engaging intercultural dynamism of our Department. Our dedicated lecturers from Argentina, China, Colombia, Cuba, El Salvador, France, Haiti, Jamaica, Japan, Spain, will lead you with care through this amazing process of learning foreign languages and, primarily, learning of yourselves.
We teach, research and serve administratively.
Nina Bruni, Ph.D.
Head of Department

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