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Welcome to Department of Modern Languages & Literatures

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Foreign Language Teaching/Learning for Global Citizenship
Welcome to the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures! We are committed to providing you with the experiences and opportunities that will motivate you to learn or expand your knowledge of a foreign language. In today's global economy, mastery of a foreign language means being able to communicate effectively with persons from other language communities and also to access information which is not available in English. It is important that as Caribbean students, you are mindful of other language communities and of how they provide great potential for economic and social development in our respective societies.
Significant research indicates that learning another language correlates with higher academic performance in other disciplines, promotes understanding of other people and cultures and broadens our perspective to help us become informed citizens. Learning a foreign language is a cross-cultural experience. It expands the scope of your imagination, opens up a whole new world of opportunities and prepares you for today's multi-cultural workplace. Our Department is culturally diverse, and so, we are well equipped to provide you with that experience.
Specializing Students:
For those of you who elect to specialize in modern/foreign languages, we invite you to take advantage of all opportunities in order to improve your communicative competence in the language(s) of your choice. If you have competence in only one foreign language, we offer you a great opportunity to learn others.
Non-Specialist Students:
To you, non-specialist students, with an interest in learning a modern/foreign language, we urge you to achieve the highest competence in the language of your choice, during the three years at the University. It will be extremely beneficial to your personal development and will also increase your career options, both in the Caribbean and in other parts of the world.
We urge you to seek assistance from our faculty members and administrative staff. We will do our best to make the registration process smooth, as well as offer advice about your choice of courses. We also believe in learner autonomy and responsibility and so, we expect regular attendance at all classes and enthusiastic participation as we create a stimulating environment for collective and independent learning.
Have a great Academic Year 2021-2022!
Prof. Paulette A. Ramsay
Head of Department

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Congratulations to Teriq Strachan for winning First Prize in Regional Japanese Speech Competition 2021


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