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M.A. in Translation

MA in Translation (French and Spanish)

The MA in Translation responds to the Caribbean’s increasing need for highly qualified translators who can navigate different genres of text and negotiate the language and cultural needs of diverse audiences and industries. It provides an academic qualification for those intending to become, or who already are, professional translators, by linking the development of the student’s advanced translation skills with theoretical and professional aspects of translation as a discipline. 
This programme is for people who are interested in the practice of translation within technical, legal, business, scientific, medical, financial and academic fields, as well as within the cultural and creative industries. As such it offers the student a solid grounding in the theory and practice of translation across diverse areas of professional practice.
Our MA in Translation introduces the student to the ever-growing field of Translation Studies, whilst the broadness of our course offering allows them to specialise in the areas of Translation Studies that interests them the most. The programme provides a well-balanced mix of theory and practice in its taught modules, and the 20,000-word dissertation offers invaluable training for further academic study, as well as the opportunity to work on an extended piece of commented translation. 
This is a blended programme that includes both online and face-to-face taught modules. As part of the programme, students will be provided with hands-on experience and training in the use of Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools needed in the translation into English of a wide variety of textual genres, from different fields. In order to ensure that the programme is kept up-to-date, each course will rely heavily on the use of current, authentic material provided by the lecturer or sourced by the student. Delivery of courses will not be lecturer-dominated but will require student participation and peer assessment.
The MA in Translation (French and Spanish) offers knowledge and expertise for students wishing to pursue a career as professional translators in the public and private sectors, or wishing to pursue further study in translation. Specifically, the programme aims to:
  • Enhance students' communicative skills in English, French and Spanish;
  • Expose students to theoretical and professional aspects of translation as a discipline;
  • Aid students in developing their critical and analytical skills, composing skills, research and production skills and improve their overall cognitive abilities through the translation process.
  • Develop in students the ability to draw on theoretical, cultural and/or subject-based knowledge to make sound decisions in translation;
  • Develop students’ ability to manage translation projects.

Our graduates will be ready to pursue a career in translation, finding employment within international organisations, translation agencies in the region and abroad, and freelancing. Other students might decide to pursue roles in the fields of international business and marketing, film production and distribution, and publishing. Our graduates will also be ready to continue their careers in academia. Finally, training in translation also prepares our graduates for careers in other language-related professions including journalism, public relations and language teaching.
  • You will have opportunities to work with and learn from not only our academic staff, but also professional translators and employers.
  • Every semester our students gain internships at the UN and other international agencies. This is an unbeatable opportunity for honing your practical skills and gaining valuable experience.
  • The programme is aimed at students wishing to pursue a career as professional translators in both public and private sectors, as well as in international institutions.
  • This programme is also for those who are interested in translation as a basis to pursue a PhD in such disciplines as translation studies, comparative literature or cultural studies.
Applicants should normally possess at least an Upper Second class degree in one of the following combinations:
  • French/Spanish double major
  • French major/Spanish minor
  • Spanish major/French minor 
Applications from mature candidates with demonstrable relevant work experience are also welcomed. Prospective candidates may be required to take an entry test consisting of translations and an interview.
The MA in Translation requires the completion of 36 credits over four semesters (part-time).
To qualify for the award of the degree, candidates must pass all course work, exams and the research project, with a minimum of 50%.
Candidates may be allowed only one re-sit of one failed course by the Board for Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the Examiners. Students who fail both courses in Year 1 will be required to withdraw.
TRANS6101 Principles and Practices of Translation 4 Online delivery
TRANS6102 General Translation 4 Online delivery
TRANS6103 Institutional Translation 4  
TRANS6104 Technical Translation 4  
Financial Translation
TRANS6202 Management of Translation Projects 3  
TRANS6203 Legal Translation 4  
TRANS6204 Research Project** 9  
** M.A. candidates will be required to submit a 20,000-word Research Project. A commented or extended translation means that the 5,000-word translated text is accompanied by a 15,000-word critical commentary which includes among others: the theoretical framework underpinning the translation, a justification of translation choices, research related to the text, detailed glossary and a bibliography.

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