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Copyright is automatic. An original, creative work receives protection upon creation in a tangible medium. Nevertheless the following is recommended:

  • Make sure the work is properly identified by a Copyright Notice ie:

Date created
© on the work or the word such as “copyright” is necessary

  • Make sure that you keep proper records since it is the author who has to bring evidence in case of a dispute

  • Send the Copyright Notice through the REGISTERED Mail to yourself and keep the letter sealed.

  • For ease of reference, keep the envelope marked to indicate what you have inside the envelope

  • Keep an index and be the keeper of your own records

  • Only the Courts should open this envelope in case of litigation

  • Should you open this envelope in error or because you have forgotten, put the old envelope into a new one, as proof of date.

  • Although the copyright is automatic, you are advised to put the “Notice” on the virtual, tangible thing one looks at AND

  • If it is a CD one can put it orally on the CD itself.

November 6, 2003

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