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Membership in the MSBM Alumni Association connects you to an exceptional professional organization and a valuable connection to graduates, which enables you to network in many spheres.


All MSBM Alumni have the following exclusive benefits:


  • Free access to Career Development Seminars, Workshops, and networking events

  • Access to sit advanced level electives not taken while pursuing the MBA at a discounted rate

  • Access to Professional Services Unit Executive Development courses at discounted rates

  • Access to the MSBM Documentation Centre for study and research purposes 

  • Direct mail from MSBM regarding job opportunities from private sector companies, some of which are not advertised to the public

MSBM Career Mangement Workshop


Membership also provides you with a direct connection to the University through dynamic, informative alumni publications, mentorship opportunities and exciting events and programmes.

As a member of the MSBM Alumni Association you will also receive tangible benefits (discounts and special offers) through the UWI’s Pelican Perks Programme.