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Mona Academic Conference
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Profiles of Speakers on August 31st 2003
Profiles of Speakers on August 30th 2003

See Profiles for Day 2

Grace Sirju-Charran

Grace Sirju-Charran has been a Lecturer in Botany in the Department of Plant Science, UWI, St. Augustine Campus since 1978. She gained a B.Sc. (Gen.), (Double First Class Honours) in Chemistry and Botany from the UWI, St. Augustine in1971 and the PhD in Agriculture from the UWI in 1978. She has been the recipient of several awards and fellowships including the UWI Cable and Wireless Fellowship- Distance Education and a Senior Fulbright Award, University of Minnesota, St. Paul’s Campus. She has more than thirty research papers published in the Scientific Literature and made over twenty presentations at international conferences. Her current research involves Anatomical, Histochemical and Biochemical and Molecular Bases of (i) Abscission of Plant Organs (ii) Tuberisation in Tropical Root Tubers (sweet potato, cassava, yam bean) and Gender Issues in Agriculture and Science and Technology. She was a member of the Board of Government of the National Institute of Higher Education (Research and Technology) – NIHERST between 1994 and 1997. She has also been a member of the Women in Caribbean Agriculture Advisory Committee of the Caribbean Association of Feminist Research and Action (CAFRA) and Coordinator of the Women and Development Studies Group (WDSG) UWI, St. Augustine.

Abstract:  Shifting the Paradigm, Erecting and Re- Erecting Boundaries: Case Studies from the Scientific World

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