High patient satisfaction with nurse practitioner delivered services at two health centres in Jamaica.

Background: Nurse practitioners are playing an increasing role in the delivery of primary healthcare. Patient satisfaction with their services patients is an important factor to the expansion of their role in the health services. Objective: To explore the level of patient satisfaction with nurse practitioner delivered services at two health centres in urban Jamaica.

Method: A cross sectional survey of 120 adult clients (age ≥18 years old) seen by Nurse Practitioner at a Type 3 or Type 5 health centre in Kingston, Jamaica was conducted using a modified self-administered Nurse Practitioner Satisfaction Survey questionnaire. Data were analyzed using SPSS® version 18 for Windows®.

Results: The study achieved response rate of 91.6% (n=120). The majority were females (77%) with an average age of 40 ± 16 years. Most (63%) were from the Type 5 health centre and the rest (37%) were from a Type 3 facility. The mean general satisfaction score was 81 out of a possible 90 and 83% of the respondents reported they were very satisfied with another 17% expressing that they were satisfied with the nurse practitioner services at both facilities. No respondent was dissatisfied. The mean satisfaction score was significantly higher among respondents 40 years and older than that of their younger counterparts. Socio demographic and organization characteristics were not associated with the mean satisfaction score.

Conclusions: A high level of satisfaction exists among patients seen by nurse practitioners at two facilities in Kingston, Jamaica. This may represent an opportunity for expanded role of Nurse practitioners in the delivery of primary in Jamaica.

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Contemporary Nurse, 4972-4993.
Nurse Practitioner
Patient Satisfaction