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Course Registration Information

Your student ID number is required before you register. Nursing students should register for coures at orientation after meeting with an academic advisor.

Student should register for atleast semester 1, semester 2 is optional as you can register at the start of that semester. Additional information about course registration can be found HERE.

To register please follow the following steps:

Step 1 - Go to the Student Administrative Services (SAS) website (CLICK HERE)

Step 2 - Click on enter secure area

Step 3 - Enter you login details. Your username will be your id # and your pass word is your Date of birth (in the format YYYY/MM/DD)

Step 4 - Finally you can select the courses you want to add (you can find the courses that you should register for in yuo student handbook).


UWI Student Email

  LIVE@EDU  is UWI's student email. It provides students with access to Calendars and mobile E-mail. The naming convention is firstname.lastname@mymona.uwi.edu with the suffix 02, 03, etc. added if there is a duplicate account on the system.

Self training for email usage is available as UWITV links. Navigate to http://tv.mona.uwi.edu and do a search for 'email' and it will bring up a selection of MONA Xchange tutorials.

E.g. How to access email link – http://tv.mona.uwi.edu/#id=473

Please read the UWI Email policy for guidelines concerning email and messaging services.



The Nursing Council of Jamaica (NCJ) indexes all undergraduate students who enrol into the BSc Nursing programme.  The Index is similar to a register of nursing students.  One of the main purposes is to provide legal authorization for nursing students to develop their nursing competencies, under the supervision of registered nurses and midwives, through interacting with members of the public.  It also ensures that upon successful completion of their degree, nursing graduates would be eligible to sit the licensure examination.  Additionally, it assures members of the public that nursing students are required to comply with the ethical code of conduct outlined by the NCJ.

Learn more about indexing here