Syringa Marshall-Burnett Nursing and Midwifery Research Centre

Syringa Marshall-Burnett Nursing Midwifery Research Centre

The UWI School of Nursing, Mona (UWISON) Nursing Midwifery Research Centre (NMRC) was established in 1999. The Centre serves as the focal point for research activity in the School of Nursing and aims to support the development of faculty research capacity, and to become a national and regional resource for nursing and midwifery in the Caribbean region


The mission of the NMRC is: “To unlock the potential of the region, specifically the research and practice potential of nurses and midwives.” NMRC will enhance the quality of the teaching/learning environment and will directly promote the School's vision of:

  • Research based graduate programmes
  • Scholarly enquiry by staff and students
  • Research based nursing midwifery practice
  • Dissemination of research information


The purpose of the NMRC is to provide an environment for the study of nursing and midwifery problems related to patient care, nursing education and nursing administration


To facilitate and increase the School’s research and publication output and advance nursing midwifery scholarship and practice.


The objectives are to:

  • Strengthen the research capability of nurses and midwives
  • Increase the output and dissemination of nursing/midwifery research
  • Initiate collaborative research projects
  • Collaborate with internationally recognized nursing and midwifery researchers in joint endeavours.
  • Establish a Caribbean Nursing Midwifery Research database.
  • Promote the translation of Nursing/Midwifery Research findings into evidence based practice thus enhancing health care for the Caribbean peoples.
  • Fulfill the University of the West Indies’ stated research goal.


The activities are to:

  • Conduct continuing education programmes on relevant/appropriate research topics and themes.
  • Implement/Organize the Department’s annual and special Nursing Research Conferences.
  • Provide teaching and supervisory support for undergraduate and graduate research courses.
  • Maintain linkages with nursing midwifery centres, research organizations, nursing midwifery researchers, research libraries and similar resources.
  • Maintain a database of nursing midwifery research being pursued or completed in the region including the studies done by UWISON students and staff.
  • Act as a resource centre and provide a base for nursing midwifery and other interested researchers in the region.
  • Support alumni, basic students and practicing nurse midwives in their research endeavours providing guidance, information, education and consultation.
  • Publish a supplemental issue of the Jamaican Nurse annually.
  • Attract interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary projects.
  • Submit an annual report on the programme of work undertaken.
  • Conduct periodic evaluations of the NMRC.
  • Create a research environment to attract internationally recognized nurse-researchers and researcher from other disciplines to engage NMRC in collaborative projects.