Family Nurse Practitioner

Curriculum for Programme

Course Code Course Credit Course Name
NURS 6601 3 Advanced Nursing Practicum 1 & Seminar The student for three (3) days weekly is in direct preceptored interaction with clients/patients/families at the level of Advanced Nursing Practice using the system of assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, education, evaluation and documentation.  This closely preceptored  1:1 practicum provides ongoing guidance and assessment of clinical practice focusing on critical thinking, clinical judgement, problem solving, direct care and documentation.
NURS 6602 3 Advanced Nursing Practicum II & Seminar The student for four (4) days weekly engages in a more extensive continuation of Practicum 1 with more independent and less closely monitored preceptorship and assessments.  The student increasingly undertakes responsibility for a client/patient load on a daily basis.
NURS 6603 3 Advanced Nursing Practicum III & Review The student pursues independent/interdependent practice under preceptorship in the prospective working environment (or as near as possible) with regular ongoing supervision and guidance.  This practicum concludes with a one (1) week review by the preceptor where the student is engaged in oral and written presentations, self and programme evaluation and exit interview.
NURS 6103 8 Pathophysiology for Advanced Nursing Practice Students will be enabled to develop a deeper and broader understanding of normal body functioning, system integration, common recurrent deviations and their pathophysiological manifestations, investigative measures, pharmacological as well as other treatment and care modalities, direct and indirect interventions, palliative, rehabilitative, or restorative measures and their respective anticipated outcomes. The course focuses on identifying deviations through health assessment, formulation of nursing and medical diagnoses, selection and interpretation of diagnostic investigations, planning, implementation and evaluation of appropriate treatment regimes.  Students will also develop the clinical skills, critical judgement and decision-making ability necessary for  ethical advanced nursing practice.
NURS 6301 3 Growth & Development and Clinical Practicum The primary focus of this course is the growth and development of individuals along the life cycle.  Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of knowledge and skills in determining normal physical characteristics and behaviours. A substantial portion of the course will be devoted to transferring theory to practice. Practical experiences will be gained at major hospitals and selected care centres. 
NURS 6901 2 General Pharmacology This course provides the student with a broad knowledge of pharmacotherapeutic principles including the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs.  
NURS 6902 4 Special Pharmacology This course exposes students to a wide spectrum of drugs commonly used in clinical practice.  According to the approved protocols, dosages, interactions, side effects and the implications of drug therapy are emphasized, enabling the nurse to appropriately prescribe on the basis of clinical evidence and to teach clients/patients and their families to manage their health maintenance through drug therapy.  Focus is placed on the features of drug dosages with reference to pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacotherapeutics enabling the nurse to appropriately prescribe.
NURS 6903 2 Psychopharmacology Students are exposed to current developments in psychopharmacology and their uses in the treatment of mental illness.  The nurses’ role in managing patients’ drug regime is explored.  Indications for use of psychopharmacological agents, their therapeutic value effects and side effects are examined.
NURS 6201 4 Research Methods Applied to Nursing Students are engaged in an examination of research designs emphasizing quantitative and qualitative research principles and methods, their application to nursing phenomena and the importance of research in advancing nursing practice.
NURS 6202 3 Nursing Research Project Students will refine the project proposal developed to address a specific nursing project in NE 62A,(Research Methods Applied to Nursing) collect and analyze data and write a project report.
NURS 6303 4 Theoretical Framework & Advanced Nursing Practice with Practicum This course has theoretical and clinical components, first engaging the student in an examination of selected theories (nursing, developmental, cognitive, social systems) and placing the nursing process in the context of selected theories.  Secondly, enabling the student to conduct and discuss the nursing process within this context, in terms of a comprehensive health assessment with documentation of subjective and objective data obtained from clients at various stages of the life cycle.
NURS 6605 3 Specialized Nursing Care of the Elderly
Year/Specialization: 1
Course Code Course Credit Course Name
NURS 6600 3 Mental & Physical Health Education and Health Promotion Students review concepts, principles and methods of health education and health promotion as these relate to physical and mental health.  Particular emphasis is placed on the Caribbean Charter for Health Promotion and its implications for nursing practice.

Qualifications for Admission