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The Office of Placement and Career Services was established in 1960 with the main aim of providing job placement opportunities for UWI graduates.  However, over the years the Office has extended its services to include Individual Career Counselling and Career Planning.  In keeping with the changing needs of the labour market, Placement and Career Services constantly reviews programs as well as introduce new ones in order to meet the varying career development needs of the student population.

The programmes of the Office of Placement and Career Services are focused on:

  •  Helping students to focus on career planning
  •  Assisting students to choose careers in keeping with interest, abilities, values and job market trends
  •  Helping students to link subject choices with majors and career objectives
  • Preparing students to plan their job search as well as entrepreneurial skills and competencies
  •  Helping students to be aware of the world of work expectations
  •  Assisting students to focus on career development as a lifelong process
  •  Job placement for students and alumni

I am pleased to welcome you to the Office of Placement and Career Services website and hope the website will provide the necessary career development and job placement information as well as provide the link between students and potential employers.  We implore that our students utilize the services and programmes provided by the office so that they can enhance their career development as they prepare for this life long process.

Mission Statement

In keeping with the mission statement of the University of the West Indies (UWI) and the Office of Student Services (OSS), Mona, the Office of Placement and Career Services will develop and deliver programmes in the area of Career Development and Job Placement in order to meet the needs of our students and alumni and the manpower needs of Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean.

Service Creed

The Staff of the Office of Student Services recognizes that they exist primarily to serve students. They may not always be able to provide you with everything you want; however, you will be treated in a manner consistent with the following Service Creed.

Students can expect:

  • To be addressed and treated in a respectful, efficient and courteous manner.
  • To receive answers to questions or be directed to someone who can provide the answer.
  • To be encouraged to advocate for themselves, but to receive help from Student Services staff if issues are not addressed in an appropriate manner

.Student Services will:

  •     Appreciate diversity of our community and will give fair and equitable treatment to all.
  •     Value your input and respect your opinion.
  •     Work to help you have a positive experience at the University of the West Indies, Mona.

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