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Overseas Work And Travel Programme

The Annual Overseas Work and Travel Programme

The Office of Placement and Career Services facilitates a number of Overseas Work and Travel Agencies each year. These agencies assist students in finding employment overseas for the summer period.  The programme has proven quite beneficial in providing cultural exchange and financial assistance.

Please see listing of participating Overseas Work and Travel Agencies

  1. Explore Your World
  2. First Class Cultural Travel Experience
  3. Global Insight International Limited
  4. International Recruiting Staffing Solutions Inc Limited (IRSS)
  5. International Travel & Cultural Exchange (ITCE)
  6. JD & Associates
  7. JOYST Youth Exchange International Limited
  8. Mayfo's Work and Travel Employment Agency
  9. McLean's Travel Agency
  10. Overseas Work & Travel
  11. Students Networking Opportunities Worldwide (SNOW)
  12. Steep International
  13. Summer Choice Work and Travel
  14. SWAT Productions Ltd
  15. Work Abroad Jamaica
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