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Peer Career Advisor Programme

Peer Career Advisor Programme

Peer Advisors are selected second, third year and postgraduate students who are trained by the Office of Placement & Career Services to assist their fellow peers with career development decisions.

They assisted the office to market its programmes as well as to do follow-up activities for some of its programmes. They also advised peers on career issues and made referrals to the department.

The Programme was designed to provide participating students with leadership opportunities as well as to serve the growing number of students seeking assistance with career-related decisions, many of whom would not normally visit the office.

So, if you prefer to discuss your career development with one of your peers you are always welcome to visit Room 6 at the office and talk with our Peer Advisors. They are trained to assist you and to make referrals when necessary. They can be identified by their gold peer advisers buttons or blue Peer Advisor Shirts; look out for your Peer Advisers as you move around campus!

Peer Advisers are selected and trained at the beginning of each academic year.

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