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Seminars 2015

Date: TUESDAY February 10
Date Time Type Details Venue
TUESDAY February 10 10.00AM -12.00PM SEMINAR

Seminar Title: The Use of Telemedicine
A brief presentation on the use of telemedicine in the day
to day operations of the Unit

Hugh Wynter Fertility Management Unit, UHWI
TUESDAY February 10 11.00AM -1.00PM SEMINAR

Seminar Title: Immunization for Teens Overview: A Brief presentation on immunization specifically for teens Speaker: Dr. Abigail Harrison

Seminar Room 1, FMS Teaching & Research Complex
TUESDAY February 10 3.00PM- 4.00PM SEMINAR

URD SIGNATURE EVENT Seminar Title: “The Journey-From Discussion to Development” Overview:
The first head of the Dentistry Programme at UWI (Mona), Dr. Thaon Jones, will chronicle the
evolution of the programme from inception to present and highlight the way forward. Speaker: Dr. Thaon Jones

Lecture Theatre 1-FMS Teaching & Research Complex
Date: WEDNESDAY February 11
Date Time Type Details Venue

Seminar Title: Tattoos and Body Piercing Overview: Presentation on the teffects/repercussions of the procedures. Speaker: Dr. Braham

Seminar Room 1- FMS TRC
WEDNESDAY February 11 3:30PM - 4:30PM SEMINAR

Seminar Title: Diabetes and the Eyes Overview: Presentation on diabetes and how it affects the eyes Speaker: Dr. Lizette Mowatt

Lecture Theatre 1- FMSTRC
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