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Schedule 2019

Date: Thursday February 7
Date Time Type Details Venue
Thursday February 7 12:30PM - 2:00PM LECTURE

The 7 Wonders of LNG

Overview: Among other advantages such as reduced maintenance on CHP (Combied Heat and Power) combustion engine units and lower overall plant emissions, LNG provides a large amount of free cooling to end users. Since LNG is delivered and stored as a cryogenic liquid, it has an enormous free cold energy that can be captured and used to increase overall plant efficiencies and total lower production costs. This what we refer to as the 7th Wonders of LNG

Speaker: Mr Kevin Frant , Senior Vice President, New Fortress Energy

The Assembly Hall
Thursday February 7 6:00PM - 9:00PM ASTRONOMY EVENT

A Night with the Stars

Overview: A night time stargazing activity with the Astronomy club. Meet after dark to stargaze. Two short talks about rockets and satellites and the cosmos by Louis-Ray Harris and L. Nathan Henderson Participants will be able to view different constellations and planets through the telescope.

Target Audience and Reservations: Campus community, campus visitors, special guests & science club from a local school. Limited Space. Contact Ms Little, Department of Physics:

The Roof, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology
Date: Friday February 8
Date Time Type Details Venue
Friday February 8 1:00PM SCAVENGER HUNT

Science Scavenger Hunt

Overview: Involve all departments. QR Codes will be mounted at various locations around the faculty and students will have to follow the clues to move from the starting point to the end. Students will need their smartphones or tablets to download QR code reader and use it to participate in the hunt

AUDIENCE: High school students (15 students per session)

The Spine, Faculty of Science and Technology
Friday February 8 1:00PM - 2:00PM WORKSHOP

Legal Research Workshop

Overview: Covers the use of JustisOne Database of law reports, transcripts and official legislation from various jurisdictions.

Facilitator: Ms. Myrna Douglas, Head, Law Branch Library

Venue Description: Library Booth, Mona Research Village

Mona Research Village


Overview: Campus visitors will have the opportunity to explore or research facilities and museums, by participating in the following tours:

  • Tour of Geology Museum
  • Tour of Map Library
  • Tour of Herbarium
  • Tour of Medicinal Plants (Botany Gardens)
  • Tour of Zoology Museum
  • Tour of the Natural Products Institute’s Mosquito Research facilities, Biochemistry Lab and Cell Culture Screening Laboratory.

Audience: UWI Students, High School Students, General Public

Venue Description: URD Students and Tours Centre, adjacent The Assembly Hall

URD Tours Centre

CSI Fire Game

Overview: Fire! Delve into the world of Crime Scene Investigations (CSI). Participants will learn basic information about burn patterns and accelerants. Using a series of physical clues and deduction, determine the cause of a fire and solve the case.

Target Audience: High school students Capacity: 15 students per group

Material Science Fire laboratory
Friday February 8 2:00PM -3:00PM WORKSHOP


Activity: Guide to obtaining funding for attending conferences; purchasing equipment/supplies etc. for student research

Facilitator: Mrs. Sandra Powell-Mangaroo, Assistant Registrar, Graduate Studies & Research

Venue Description: OGSR Graduate Lounge, Mona Research Village

Mona Research Village
Friday February 8 2:00PM - 3:00PM WORKSHOP

Digitization Workshop

Overview: Practical demonstration of creating an online collection. Participants are encouraged to bring photos for this session.

Facilitator: Mrs. Maureen Kerr-Campbell, Systems Librarian, Main Library, Mona Library Digitization Team

Venue Description: Digitization Lab, Main Library

The Main Library
Friday February 8 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM DEMONSTATION


Overview: This demo will take you through the entire process of measuring samples using gamma and XRF spectroscopy.

Medical Physics Radioecological lab
Friday February 8 2:30PM - 3:30PM LECTURE

Water-supply/Metissage/Global-warming and Fanon: South/South dialogical engagement between Cuba and Jamaica

Overview: Twenty six years on, Pswarayi laments that from a full complement of one hundred and twenty states, only twelve made the attendance of the Venezuelan summit. At the heart of the attrition in attendance and waning interest is the notion of colonialism being outdated and a relic of a bygone era. This presentation argues, in the vogue of Fanonian thinkers like Sylvia Wynter that the current dereliction of the non-aligned movement is rooted – like the failure of the black power movement of the 1960’s – in the confusion and displacement of transcendental phenomenology with phenomenological psychology and the resulting – constricting - hegemonic dialectic of developed versus developing world. This water-as-metissage tropic analysis will be carried out in the context of the postcolonial experiences of Jamaica and Cuba

Presenter: Dr Horace Williams, Lecturer, Jamaica Theological Seminary

The Undercroft, Senate Building


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