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Schedule 2019

Date: Thursday February 7
Date Time Type Details Venue
Thursday February 7 10:00AM - 3:00PM COURTYARD EXHIBIT


Overview: Visit our table top display in the courtyard to find out more about the association, membership and opportunities for mixed methods research publishing.

Faculty of Humanities and Education Courtyard
Thursday February 7 5:00PM - 7:00PM PUBLIC LECTURE

AFJ/COBB FAMILY FOUNDATION LECTURE: The China Jamaica Capital Connection

Overview: Providing a public forum for academic findings on topics of importance to Jamaica

Presenter: Professor the Hon. Ambassador Richard L. Bernal OJ, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Global Affairs

Lecture Theatre 3 Faculty of Medical Sciences, Teaching & Research Complex
Thursday February 7 5:00PM - 7:00PM PANEL DISCUSSION

Transitioning out of Enhanced Security Measures: Sustaining Security Gains


Overview: Persons attending this panel discussion will hear from experts (researchers and practitioners) about key strategies for sustaining violence reduction in Jamaica (and which may be applicable elsewhere in the Caribbean). Attendees will hear about current innovations, evidence-based practices in violence reduction and crime control policy.


Professor Anthony Harriott, Director, Institute of Criminal Justice and security, UWI; Mr. Damian Hutchinson, Executive Director, Peace Management Initiative; Mr. Mark Shields, Former Deputy Commissioner of Police – Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Council Room, UWI Regional Headquarters
Thursday February 7 5:15PM-6:15PM FORUM

Education for Sustainable Development: For Whom and For What?

Overview: The Education for Sustainable Development Working Group (ESD-WG) of the School of Education will be hosting a Forum on theoretical and empirical research undertaken by its members on different aspects of ESD and sustainable development such as: reorienting teacher education to address sustainability; education for democratic citizenship; and proposition MRM as a construction of sustainable development.

Moderator: Dr. Aldrin Sweeney, Senior Lecturer, School of Education, UWI;

Presenters: Dr. Carol Gentles, Lecturer, School of Education; Mrs. Vileitha Davis-Morrison, Lecturer, School of Education; Dr. Canute Thompson, Lecturer, School of Education

Lecture Theatre N1, Faculty of Humanities and Education
Thursday February 7 5:30PM - 7:30PM PANEL DISCUSSION

Strengthening Governance in Public Sector Companies: Beyond Petrojam"

Overview: Scandals in public sector companies test faith in public governance and can reverberate in the economy. MonaLaw experts and researchers in economic law, financial crimes and corporate governance, and others, will discuss the way forward to strengthen good governance and acccountability in public sector companies.

Panellists: Suzanne Ffolkes Goldson, Senior Lecturer, MonaLaw; Dr Christopher Malcolm, Senior Lecturer, MonaLaw; Dr David McBean, Executive Director, Mona School of Business and Management

Moderator: Dr Shazeeda Ali, Senior Lectrer, Dean (Actg.), MonaLaw

Law Lecture Theatre 2, Faculty of Law
Thursday February 7 6:00PM - 7:30PM BOOK LAUNCH

Developing Sustainable Balance of Payment in Small Countries: Lessons from Macroeconomic Deadlock in Jamaica

Overview: The book analyses Jamaica’s ability to satisfy its short and long run foreign currency obligations in light of recurrent balance of payment support from international lending agencies. The book further delves into Jamaica’s continued indebtedness, continued successive arrangements with the International Monetary Fund, its depreciating currency continues to drive up debt servicing requirements, and provides policy recommendations to bolster the Jamaican economy into solvency and suggests strategies for supporting local economic objectives within global geopolitical constraints

Author: Kelli-ann Dixon Hamilton

Regional Headquarters UWI, Mona
Thursday February 7 6:00PM JA TIME 7:00PM EC TIME ONLINE YOUTH FORUM

2019 Climate Change Youth Forum Climate Change Impacts to the Caribbean and the Attainment of SDGs: The Importance of Involving Youth Calling all Youth 18-35

Chair: Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, UWI Vice Chancellor

Moderator: Dr. David A. Smith Director , Center for Environmental Management;

Discussants: Prof. Michael Taylor, Prof. John Agard, Una May Gordon, Laleta Davis Mattis, June Barbour, Thalia Balkaran; Contributors: Tehilla Maloney, Asha Gaye Cowell

Forum Link:

Thursday February 7 6:00PM - 7:30PM FORUM

Mission Accomplished the TMRI story

Overview: The TMRU was established in 1956 with the goal to deliver high quality research and service that eventually addressed regional and global issues related to malnutrition. The TMRU is one of the Units under the Caribbean Institute of Health Research (CAIHR) formerly known as the Topical Medicine Research Institute (TMRI). The TMRU has revolutionised the management and care of malnutrition and was the first to develop a practical manual for the World Health Organization (WHO) on the management of malnutrition. The work of this Unit has influenced policy and practice globally. During the lecture Professor Jackson who played a seminal role in the TMRU’s accomplishments, will take us on a historical journey of the Unit and its mission. 

Keynote Speaker: Prof Allan Jackson, Former Director, Tropical Metabolism Research Unit (TMRU)

Participants include: Prof Dale Webber, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Principal, The UWI, Mona; Prof Marvin Reid, Director, CAIHR

The Assembly Hall
Date: Friday February 8
Date Time Type Details Venue
Friday February 8 10:00AM - 2:00PM TOURS

Department of Anatomy Tours

Overview: The department will be offering interesting tours for students and campus visitors daily. Come explore our world

Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Teaching & Research Complex
Friday February 8 10:00AM - 4:00PM HIV TESTING SERVICES


Overview: Free HIV Testing by UWI HARP and Bashy Bus.

Free HIV testing for all persons! Come out and get tested!

Venue Description: Graduation Lawn, Adjacent Mona Research Village

The Graduation Lawn


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