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Caribbean Journal of Education

Teachers' Perspectives on the Culture Space in the Education Classroom

Publication Date: 
September 2013

Following up on a research project in which concerned citizens, members of the artist community, academics and curriculum officers were interviewed, this study sought teachers’ perspectives about the culture/curriculum nexus, given the persistent perception that the curriculum is culturally irrelevant. A survey instrument was developed and validated and the findings from the questionnaire reported. Generally, the Culture and Curriculum Questionnaire seemed to be valid and reliable, providing a detailed, although not an exhaustive list of important factors in developing and implementing a culturally relevant curriculum. However, the findings showed that teachers’ personal bias can lead to inclusion or exclusion of culturally relevant examples and beliefs in the teaching/learning experience, and may unconsciously be promoting a colonial agenda. Journalling and discussion can be used to clarify and expose hidden personal values which impact on teaching and to generate possible resources which can be used in different disciplines.

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