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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

Improving reading comprehension across the curriculum: Challenges and responses

Publication Date: 
December 2003

This article draws on a study designed to ascertain from students how they thought their teachers, parents and they themselves could improve their reading comprehension. The suggestions made by students were classified under classroom and out of classroom processes and these in turn were divided into cognitive and non-cognitive areas. Generally, in the teaching/learning situation both teachers and parents place great emphasis on the knowledge that students gain while the affective aspects are not given much attention In many cases suggestions relative to parents and teachers' are organised to reflect interaction where students expect to share responsibility for improving their reading comprehension or domination where parents and teachers are seen as responsible for implementing ways of helping them to improve their reading comprehension. There was a tendency for males to feel that improving their reading comprehension was out of their control. The author highlights strategies which could be used to foster a classroom environment that motivates students to read.

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